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Author, Marie Gage

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Marie Gage, Author

, ON


Marie Gage's writing is inspired by real people. She is a passionate researcher, intent on using all available resources to make the story come to life. The weaving of fact and fiction to create stories that are both believable and inspiring is her forté. The passion she develops for her characters adds depth and life to the story. Gage writes for adults and children with the same passion. Find out more at . Sign up to follow her blog and receive a complementary copy of her guide to doing Family History Research.

Novels of Historical Fiction:

A Ring of Promises (purchase link:

Century-old letters found in an attic reveal the 1912 story of Will, a lowly footman to an Earl in England, and Janet, a nanny to a Lord and Lady in the Highlands of Scotland. They knew their hearts but were separated by distance and duty: Will in England, Janet in the Highlands of Scotland. Desperate to find a way to be together, Will gives up everything he knows and sets sail to find a new home with only $25 in his pocket and a dream. The expected short separation was not to be.

This gripping and heartfelt story traces their journeys, in back-and-forth chapters between Canada and the Highlands of Scotland, as they struggle with the help of Janet’s sister Mary Ann, to overcome the obstacles threatening their dreams.

Inspired by a true story, this Historical Fiction Saga was described as “unputdownable” by Digital Arts and Entertainment Reporter, Margaret Chrystall of Highland News and Media, Scotland.

Promise of the Bluebell Woods (purchase link: )

It's 1942. With men away fighting Hitler, Pearl, like many young English women of her time, is afforded an unusual opportunity to help the war effort – whetting her appetite for a life that is more than tending house and children. Rod is a Canadian soldier awaiting deployment to the front lines with his hospital unit. The war brought them together. Its end threatens to tear them apart. Will they choose their homelands or each other?

A great read from a tender and vividly presented historical time. More than a love story this WWII historical fiction saga and romance was inspired by a war bride’s true story and follows the path of the Number 10 Canadian General Hospital as it is deployed to the front lines.

Praise for Promise of the Bluebell Woods: “This amazing true story draws the reader into its heart immediately by its dialogue and the inner thoughts of each character. The story thus unfolds in time that feels immediate, and the reader-as-observer becomes herself/himself an invisible character in the story, which is gripping and immediate." …Brenda Peddigrew, author


The Spirit Within (Purchase Link: )

A book for the child who loves music and dance! The Spirit Within is a poem designed to empower a child to be true to themselves. Music and dance are used as symbols of the individual spirit and personal expression but the concept can be applied to anything a child is interested in. A book that will plant the seed of not succumbing to peer pressure and realizing your personal dreams.


Oliver and the Bee (Purchase link: )

A fantastical journey through Oliver’s grandparent’s apple orchard leaves a lasting impression, changing the way children view the importance of bees to the environment of Earth. As Oliver takes the hand of the son of a scientist from another planet, a planet that once faced the same environmental issues as Earth, he not only learns what its like to be the size of a bee but gains perspective on the importance of this tiny creature to our world.


Luke’s Christmas Smile ( )

Luke is a little boy looking for acceptance. He has a magical encounter with Santa in his living room on Christmas Eve that gives him just what he needs. The best part it is something that is free and when produced brings two people closer together in the first step of friendship.

The lesson Luke learns is not confined to children, nor is it just for the Christmas season.

Blake’s Monkey Adventure (Purchase link: )

Blake is bored and has to occupy himself quietly to earn a reward of a trip to the zoo. He has an adventure at the zoo, that is every child's dream, but was it real or imagined? You decide.


About the Vendor

Marie Gage, Author

, ON